Due to COVID-19, we understand any hesitation in purchasing tickets. We assure you that we are planning on having this year's event and will follow all state guidelines to keep everyone safe. If for some reason the event is canceled your money will be refunded back to you.

Ohio Christian Men's Fellowship

A New Begining

September 11th/12th 2020


Our Story

When the Ohio Church of God Men's ministry began in 1976, the members had a vision for all men in Ohio. They would seek to live out the message and ministry of reconciliation through corporate fellowship and mission by the grace of God. For many years, the men's ministry hosted a spiritual retreat known as the Ohio Men’s Ox Roast. Today, the fellowship, mission, and retreat continue as the Ohio Christian Men's Fellowship.

The Ohio Christian Men's Fellowship is an event, in which Christian men gather to engage in fellowship with one another. This event has many different activities that younger and older men can enjoy. The event is broken into two days of activities with cabin accommodations included. Friday is the lighter of the two days and offers a more relaxed schedule. The highlights of Friday include the annual fishing tournament and the evening bonfire and hotdog roast. Saturday has a packed schedule that includes: three meals, devotional sessions, a sermon from an accomplished Christian speaker, worship with professional musicians, athletic tournaments, and loads of recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, horseshoes, and cornhole. The Ohio Christian Men's Fellowship is a time for men to grow in their faith, meet and fellowship with brothers in Christ, and invite others in your life to experience the love of Jesus Christ.

Through the Ohio Christian Men's Fellowship, Christian men across the state of Ohio have raised money for ministry outreach and challenged countless numbers of men and boys to serve the Lord. The OCGM council meets multiple times per year, under President Lance Rose, to plan the annual retreat and to continue the fellowship.

“Iron Sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another.” ~ Proverbs 27:17